Recipe: Mediterranean Salad


Recipe: Mediterranean Salad

Here’s an ode to the art of Greek gastronomy with Sofia Tegnefur's new recipe.

I really love to travel and see the world and I wanted to somehow express my wanderlust through this recipe. As a kid my family used to visit Greece and I have eaten my way through the Greek kitchen and the Greek salad is what I keep coming back to. It’s so simple, yet so delicious. With the great taste of the Mediterranean but with chickpeas I have added something from ’the nordic kitchen’.

When I shot this dish I wanted to keep the nordic darkness and shadows in the photo. I like to give my photos a somewhat rustic touch and therefore I chose to style it with natural materials, like wood. When you shoot food, there is just as much to the details, props and surroundings as it is to the actual dish. By using beautiful plates, table cloths and flowers you can create a dinner table that is just as beautiful as a painting. You can create dishes that are incredibly beautiful and I really think that food itself can be art. With this recipe and these photos I hope to inspire you to create beautiful dinners and celebrate food as an art form, because it is. And we have the chance to enjoy this art form every day. Cheers to food!
— Sofia Tegnefur

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