Slip Away to Sleep



London label Asceno is the new authority on sleepwear, showing that comfort need not be sacrificed for quality. Images: Asceno London.

Coco Chanel may have worn nothing but Chanel No.5 to sleep, but for those of us not predisposed to such a habit the right nightwear is a must. And there are endless options - shall we wear a lace negligee to the land of slumber or count sheep in cotton undies? Either way, no mistake can be made on the impact that clothes may have on our quality of sleep (which is why we would never wear a pair of jeans to bed). And we seem to have found the solution to the perennial first world debate of what to wear to get a good night’s rest.

Enter Asceno London, a British brand started in 2013 and loved by the likes of Rita Ora and Cate Blanchett. What do these two women have in common, apart from their immense success? They’re both baddasses of course, and that’s exactly what Asceno represents with its “tomboy” aesthetic. The aforementioned negligee may be apt for the feminine, but Asceno’s array of silk robes and trouser PJs introduces more variety to the female world of nightwear, catering to the sartorial sleep-lover within us all.

Take the yellow dot collection for example (£210- £525). The pattern is fun, yet not overly frivolous, and the design allows for comfort whilst maintaining an air of refined chic. Everything we look for in nightwear, amIrite? And who wouldn’t love to say they go to sleep in a blazer? Crafted using 100% sandwashed silk, you’re pretty much promised a good night’s sleep in any of their outfits. And looking as good as you will in their newest collection gives a whole new meaning to beauty sleep.

  Yellow Dot Blazer, £525,    Shop

Yellow Dot Blazer, £525, Shop