The Genius Life-Sized Candle

1986 Home

The Genius Life-Sized Candle

1986 Home’s giant marble candle doubles as a stool. And we’re drooling. Images: 1986 Home.

It’s like the cronut. Two objects that seemingly exist in exclusive spheres are combined to create one, even greater entity. That’s what founder of 1986 Home, Zahra Ayub has done. Her ingenious creation fuses the stool with the candle (both items that exist in abundant variety on the market) to create a giant candle that doubles as a stool (and even a table). This multipurpose creation, that Zahra aptly describes as “timeless and collectible”, is more than just a step forward in the interior design profession. It also, on a small scale, highlights the growing inter-disciplinary nature of the arts, fusing furniture with a source of light and scent, creating a melting pot of senses. Crafted from marble, the “Titled:07” (as the candle is suitably named) is a great addition to any aesthetically astute person’s home.

Your new favourite candle/stool/table is also perfectly complemented by the three regular-sized candles that 1986 Home sells, each also made from marble. All charmingly named after locations. Marylebone, Marfa, and Melrose each present a distinct smell, from “the earthy scent produced when rain hits the ground” to “a flower garden of freedom” to “a smokey bonfire in the desert”. The descriptions of the scents alone conjure up calming thoughts, fulfilling a candle’s ulterior motive of soothing the mind.

All in all, 1986 Home seems to set itself apart from the rest of the candle crew through creativity and a rare authenticity that makes it a brand sure to explode as the best newcomer on the scene. And really, what’s not to like about a giant candle that’ll probably last you a life time?