T&T : Facial Rollers


T&T : facial Rollers

Tried & Trusted. The best at home or on-the-go facial tool. Images: Herbivore Botanicals.

Picture this: a woman, late-20s, long hair, striking features. Sits across from you on the train. Digs into her purse. After a few seconds of rummaging pulls out a pen-like appliance. Proceeds to massage her face with it. You might be curious as to what she’s doing, or perhaps quizzical as to why beauty treatments are no longer confined to the privacy of our homes. Well…here’s a secret. The woman, in her late 20s, massaging her face, doesn’t give a f*ck what you think, and she’s on her way to having firmer skin.

The appliance she uses, as you may or may not know, is called a facial roller, and comes in a variety of materials, from Jade to Opalite. But our personal favourite is the Rose Quartz roller by Herbivore Botanicals which will set you back $40 but work wonders on your face. And for once, we’re not kidding (not like we ever are). Trust us, we used our own faces as guinea pigs, and after two weeks of rolling, there’s a notable difference in skin tone, firmness, and softness. Other benefits include: collagen stimulation, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage(which we’re yet to google the meaning of). But it works! Finally - a product that is no bullshit.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Morning and night after your regular cleansing procedure, apply any moisturises or serums onto our face and rub in.

  2. Begin from the nose, rolling away in long strokes towards the cheek.

  3. Roll up and out across the top of the forehead.

  4. Roll across the cheekbones, following the natural contours of the face.

  5. Roll across the jawbone.

  6. Roll down neck away from the face.

We recommend rolling for a total of 5-10 minutes each use, and we’re pretty psyched for you to see the results yourself!

Tip: Keep your roller in the fridge before use to help depuff!

For British customers, buy your roller from our UK favourite, Psychic Sisters, who also have a stall in Selfridges!