Danish and Ethiopian model, Isabella Peschardt, is a fresh face in the fashion industry, yet is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. The natural beauty's signature curls have caught the eyes of Vogue and FILA, and we can see why. She boasts a unique sense of style, attested to by her Instagram portfolio and demonstrated by her statement coats and mix of streetwear-boho chic. Faux snake-skin pants and striped two-pieces have become a staple of Peschardt's wardrobe, and she pulls them off with a calm flare. She even makes her more daring outfits of full-length latex coats and iridescent skirts look casual, as she wears them with an understated confidence that is hard to feign.

Her place as a muse comes from an appreciation of the ease with which she carries herself. Peschardt does little to try and stand out, and so, inevitably does. She wears what she likes and she wears it well. From her we can not only learn the value of embracing our individuality, as she shines when she does so, but also of having fun with fashion. Her outfits have a sense of lightness to them, and there is space for liveliness in every industry.

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Isabella Peschardt

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