Loom Towels Night-Zigzag Bath Towel

Loom Towels Night-Zigzag Bath Towel



This design is masculine and moody, it has a richness to it with its deep denim blue tones and flicks of gold.

All of Loom Towels are made in limited editions, sustainably and ethically in a small Turkish community. They are slowly woven by hand on old shuttle-looms, keeping with traditional craftsmanship. They can last for decades if cared for properly, in fact the more you use and wash them, the softer and more absorbent they become. 

100% GOTS certified organic cotton and dyes give a beautiful softness against your skin while the intricate, double-loop weave lends extra absorbency and plushness.

Size Details: 170 x 90 cm


Editor's Note

Loom Towels' products will not only add a touch of class and elegance to your bathroom interior, but will also freshen up the start and end of your day when used. The carefully constructed pieces are built to last, all the while keeping your skin dry and soft.



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