In Conversation With Joe Granger And Callum Vineer

What inspired you to start Unknown?

Joe: The main inspiration to start Unknown was really just the lack of affordable streetwear on the market that appealed to me. Anything that was available was either priced way above reasonable levels, or a tacky attempt by highstreet stores like Topman.

Callum: We found a gap in the market for streetwear at an affordable price. There was a huge demand for it (including ourselves) and no one was really supplying it so with our knowledge in running a fashion brand we thought why should it not be us to fill it. 


How would you say the fashion/retail climate has changed since you started Unknown?

J: It certainly seems a lot more brutal now. When we entered the game people were open to new brands and looking for a change, now we regularly see new brands shut down and shut out before they even get a chance to start.

C: The fashion world changes every single day. One week something is cool, everyone hops on the band wagon and the next it is perceived as uncool. Everyone want to be unique that’s why it changes so fast. 


What do you love most about the fashion industry? 

C: Particularly in streetwear the people in it. It has it’s own scene like a family.

J: Creativity. Seeing what our favourite designers put out every season is always so exciting and inspiring. Then being able to turn our own ideas into a reality and watch something grow from a sketch on a piece of paper, to a sample, to a fully fledged product is amazing.


What are your goals/aspirations for Unknown?

C: We want to become as big as supreme and be the go to brand for current affordable streetwear whilst everyone in the scene is talking about us and future releases.

J: We really just want to see everyone wearing Unknown, the greatest joy in this industry is seeing someone else wearing a piece you created. Nothing beats that.


What inspires your personal fashion style?

J: What I wear personally? I’m mainly inspired by the music I listen to, I mostly follow rap and I've recently been feeling 80’s / 90’s hip-hop, but I switch it up pretty regularly.

C: Yeah, currently a mix up between hip hop and British 80s fashion.


How do you put an outfit together? 

C: I think a lot about colour co ordination and also about what's going to look good together in terms of fit for example If my bottom half was baggy I wouldn't wear something on top thats more fitted.

J: I usually just grab pieces from my rail and throw them on, but if I’m thinking properly about an outfit my main priority is colour coordination, as long as the outfit works and something from my shoes matches my top half I’m happy haha.


If you could only keep three items in your closet, what would they be?

J: Unknown Sherpa, of course. Unknown Burberry Tracksuit, and probably my beat vans.

C: Hmm tough one, but would have to be some White AF1’s, some trackies or cargos, and a baggy hoodie (Unknown of course).


If you could work with anyone in the industry (inside or outside of fashion), who would it be? 

C: Probably Kanye to be honest, he’s very driven.

J: Probably A$AP Rocky, he stands for the cross-over between the music world and the fashion world, and I know we’d make a crazy collection together.


Whose wardrobe would you like to raid?

J: Again probably Rocky, he’s had everything.

C: Hate to say it, but would have to be Ian Connor. He wears some cool stuff.


If you could give one piece of advice to anyone looking to start fashion brand, what would it be?

C: Make sure you have your own style and design what you want to wear and not what you think other people will want to wear. If you don’t like your own clothes then your heart will never be properly in it. 

J: Have no limits on your creativity, and don’t be worried about other people’s opinions. if you make pieces that you love, there will always be people who love them too.


What's the best advice you've ever been given?

J: Quit college and do what you love.

C: Self confidence is the best outfit you’ll ever wear.

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