Summer Style Muses

 Mimi Elashiry photographed for   Voena  .

Mimi Elashiry photographed for Voena.


The Seaside: Mimi Elashiry

If you're lucky enough to be by or on a boat this summer, you can be a seaside sartorialist like Mimi Elashiry. The Australian's signature boho look of maxi skirts and flowing tops is perfect for any beach getaway.

Photo by Johnny Abegg for Turquoise Lane.



The Festival Field: Alexa Chung

Whether rocking and rolling in the mud or dancing with daisies in the field, festival fashion can be epitomised by Alexa Chung's stylish dress and denim combinations. The British starlet is all of the three Cs while enjoying festivals: cool, chic and comfortable. 

Pictured at Glastonbury Festival 2015.

The City: Olivia Palermo

If the big city is your destination this summer, Olivia Palermo is your muse. The American Socialite's statement scarves and structured heels are perfect for strutting down streets, going for drinks with friends and attracting glances. 

Photo by Phill Taylor.



The Office: Lana Del Rey

If you'll be sat at the desk this summer, why not infuse the workspace with Lana Del Rey's 50s coolness? Her retro dresses and simple slip-ons will add a dash of style to any office interior, and make you feel all the more powerful (and sexy) while you work. 

Photographed for Obsession Magazine.


The Indoors: Elle Fanning

Whether its an intimate dinner with friends, or a glitzy event in a foreign city, Elle Fanning's style provides inspiration for all indoor events this summer. Her frequent donning of soft colours will perfectly bring the summer sunshine indoors, with the flowy nature of her garments adding a touch of class and youth.

Photographed by Angelo Pennetta for Vogue UK June 2014.