Styled By Anna S


Dear readers,

My name is Anna, and I am a firm believer that what you wear helps shape who you are and who you want to become. I dress for myself & love to experiment with my own style and choices. However, I do always stick to my gut feeling with everything in life and most of the time I can simply not keep myself from buying anything pink, glittery, ruffled, or white. I love all of the above and can never keep my hands off them when I go shopping.

I picked this outfit since I feel it represents my style to a T. I am a simplistic Swedish girl, who loves clean lines and bouncy silhouettes. However, I really love to add statement pieces to my outfits. I know exactly what I like and for me the best way to describe my style is classic, simple, yet mixed with anything over the top, pink or sparkly. Yes, they contradict, however there is harmony in my taste. I chose this outfit because I believe my personality shines through the pieces. For me, simple colour patterns are the best to work with. So you can usually find me in something white mixed with other neutral tones. Just like in this outfit, however, I did want to add my favourite sparkly pants, to make sure to show off all the sides of my style. I paired a feminine white ruffled top, with a pair of sparkly pants. I then chose to go with accessories that would compliment the outfit. I am not a huge accessories person, and usually like to keep my outfits pretty simple. I don’t usually load up with a bunch of rings or bracelets, but I usually do wear my pearl earrings. I added a white textured, and gold detailed chained bag, to go with the gold in my pants. Then to finish off the outfit I decided to go for a pair of simplistic flats, which made the whole look a bit more casual and appropriate for walking around town.

Fashion is an extraordinary passion of mine. From an early age I took a lot of interest in the industry, and saw so much profound joy in the world of textiles, patterns and the whole creativity that fashion holds. I find it incredible that it is a source of self-identification for so many individuals, and that how you dress, inevitably is a statement for who you are. I even decided to study the field when choosing to move to London and start a Fashion Management bachelor. I now am interning in a large designer handbag company doing marketing, and have further plans this Summer to work within editorial at a magazine in London. Fashion is a concept which so many people look over, and disregard as superficial and only a surface concept. However, I do believe that fashion shapes our society and gives humans creative outlets in an abundance of ways. There is so much goodness in the industry, however it is very competitive and so incredibly huge. Therefore, it is important to know your own personal style and just focus in on what you prefer when it comes to fashion & style. Like I said, I love simplicity, but with a touch of sparkle. That is my style, and who I am. A simple girl with a lot of sparkle in my soul, and I hope I told that story through my styled outfit.