London Fashion Week AW18 Catwalk


The 67th biannual London Fashion Week saw a slew of innovation take to the capital city. From the British Fashion Council's Designer Showrooms, which showcased designs from budding womenswear, accessories, and jewellery makers, to its inventive Discovery Lab, a place to explore the future of fashion and sustainable practice, this Fashion Week was a step into a new sartorial millennium. Yet, the real ingenuity was most present in the catwalk shows held all over the city of London.

The likes of Christopher Bailey and Richard Malone showcased their designs to an uproar of coverage, yet a few jewels flying under the radar may shine just as brightly. Mimi Tran, Apujan, and Malan Breton all showcased their new collections at the Freemason's Hall of Covent Garden, the front rows of The Vestibule showing off Chelsea elite and the whole room packed with eager fashion-lovers. With colour, style, and imagination, the three designers each managed to make the room their own, using their designs to create shows that spoke volumes for their brand.

Mimi Tran's sequinned gowns were showcased to a soundtrack of slowed-down Beyoncé remixes. The fairytale designs, worn with delicacy by the models, held their own as they were paraded down the runway, each look capturing the attention of every eye in the room. The show had an ethereal quality to it; a calmness spreading over the room to bring fashion to a place of serenity. By contrast, Malan Breton's show was tinged with an air of darkness. His jacquard suits were marched down the aisle to a pumping soundtrack, the show culminating with the genius procession of a woman holding a black bouquet, the ends of her flowing black dress held up by two topless males. Apujan brought a happy medium to the two shows. Crochet pieces dominated his show, with a few standout pieces drawing lingering gazes from the crowd.

The diversity of Fashion Week, evidenced by the dissimilarity of the three shows, is but one of the reasons London has become a fashion capital. As a stage to exhibit any and all to the whole world, Fashion Week is one of the few events of the year to bring people from all backgrounds together to celebrate a shared appreciation of #PositiveFashion.