Legendary Kin: HAIM

Este, Danielle and Alana Haim are redefining family fortune with their pop rock sound. The sisters, hailing from Los Angeles, create youth soundtracks with their eponymous band HAIM. Their music has an enticing and authentic quality to it, songs that evoke emotion and provoke shimmying simultaneously. A few minutes into each track by the rock siblings sends the mind wandering to summer frolics and late night adventures. This educing quality, not to mention the undeniable likability of the artists themselves, explains their ongoing success. Their trajectory has been a slow yet critically infused rise to stardom, with each tour and album further solidifying the Haim sisters as perennial artists who seemingly can't put a foot wrong. It is not hard pressed to imagine them as rock legends - a family band being written into the history books before our very eyes.


Want You Back


Dir. Jake Schreier / 2017




Dir. Tabitha Denholm / 2013


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