An Evaluation On Happiness

By Joshua Anderson

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"I made these images during months of going through the feeling of deep, powerful loneliness and depression. Coming out of a very unsuccessful work trip, having almost no money, living in a new city and dealing with a lot of internal arguments. Not a very good place for a 20-year-old artist who's just trying to make it by."

"I've since come out of that dark place, but it taught me very valuable lessons. In a way, this work represents, and almost shows, a shift in my life. Loneliness shifted my approach to creating work. It was very hard to go through, but it was extremely necessary for who I am to become."

"What I hope someone takes away from the work is that you shouldn't discount negative feelings for one second. They're important for developing us into good people. The important thing is accepting the negative period, embracing it, then directing those thoughts into your work. It's just a speed bump."