In Conversation With Stephanie Breeze

What’s the most recent book you read?

I’m a bit of collector of botanical books from second hand shops. 


Do they feed into your creative process?

They definitely influence my drawing styles and designs. I am also reading one about de-cluttering by Marie Kondo as I recently moved studios and would like to not have to move so much when I have to move again.


What or who are your other influences?

Botanical gardens are one of my biggest inspirations. Travel is also a key part of sourcing ideas. When I have the chance to I like to visit cities and countries and take inspiration from other cultures. 


What made you decide to start a brand?

I have always dreamed of designing and creating a brand that represents my ethereal illustration style and one that draws inspiration from my favorite source of inspiration; botanical gardens. I wanted to use UK based manufacturers and quality materials to bring the collection to life.


Does your brand have a message?

The collection was conceptualised with confident dreamers and travellers in mind, those with individual style who want something unique. The six prints have been carefully created to appeal to different personalities.


What one word would you use to describe your brand?



What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your brand?

Always allow for delays that are out of your control and don’t panic. Never underestimate how much marketing you will need to do once you have your product as well.


What advice/warnings would you give someone looking to start their own brand?

Write a business plan before you begin and stick to it as closely as possible. 


Is there a brand out there that you wish you had started?

& Other Stories. I love their aesthetic, every piece within the ‘stories’ is considered and the prints aren’t like anything else on the high street. There is something very organic about it.


If you could live the life of any other designer for a day, who would you choose?

I think I would love to be Alice Temperley, her collections are beautiful I would love to be her, just so I could wear one of her creations for the day and design a print for the collection.

How would you say the fashion/retail climate has changed since you started your brand?

I think the fashion and retail climate has become very saturated in the last year with a lot of brand launches. I’m keen to try to support independent companies that are producing quality products. I think it's great that sites like NEO are championing brands that have taken care with their decisions and designs.


What goals do you have as a designer?

I would love to grow my collection and see pieces appearing on more people and on more products. I still love working with brands as a freelance print designer as well, so I will be aiming to grow my client base for that side of my business too.


What motivates you?

The most rewarding part of having a product range is when people appreciate all your hard work and effort by purchasing something or even just a passing compliment, it makes it all worthwhile.


What are the best and worst parts of your job?

I enjoy the variety and freedom that comes with running your own studio and having the opportunity to start your own brand. As I still manage everything myself sometimes this can get on top of you, but if you set some goals for the day and focus on these it helps you to manage the workload and not get too stressed.


What is your life motto?

Whatever is meant to be will be.