In Conversation With Allison Reaves

What made you decide to start a brand?

I love how clothing can be simple, easy and comfortable to wear, yet make a person feel unique, bold and confident. I strive to design clothing for people that gives them that power, while also eliminating the over sexualization of the body.


Does your brand have a message?

We all have awkward moments and quirks, but those things should be shared. The message is that we are all unique individuals, but also part of one society together. Both sides are important. I hope that this brand encourages to be real, transparent and true.


What or who are your influences?

Who would be designer and mentor, Alexa Stark. She has been an incredible influence in my design career over the past two years.  I am also inspired by anything that is viewed as weird or ugly, and turning it into something unique and exciting. (Thrift stores are the best places to find these things).


What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your brand?

Details matter. Go slow, have patience and take your time through each process to make sure it is right the first time.


What advice/warnings would you give someone looking to start their own brand?

Starting and maintaining a clothing brand is very expensive and not glamorous. Make sure you have a clear vision, and are filling a need or void.


Is there a brand out there that you wish you had started?

I LOVE 69. Their mission is absolutely wonderful. Plus I’m obsessed with denim, and they are the masters of oversized, and interesting denim designs.


What goals do you have as a designer? 

To inspire.


What motivates you?

Hearing how the audience responds to the final product and vision. When someone connects with the vision you were striving for that is extremely satisfying.


What is your life motto?

Relax into the feeling of chaos.