In Conversation With Roberto Bertinetti and Sue Woo Kim

What made you decide to start a brand?

Sue: Basically my passion for jewellery.

Roberto: My entrepreneurial attitude together with Sue’s passion for jewellery


Does KIMSU have a message?

We would like to encourage women to find confidence to be themselves. I truly believe that a right piece of jewelry can express personality and give confidence.  


What or who are your influences?

Inside of fashion/retail world, obviously other designers. What is going on in the market and the current trends, even if we try not to be influenced too much by others and always maintain our own, unique identity. Having my own voice and style is the most important thing at the end of the day no matter what trend seems working at the moment. Outside of the fashion world - considering my background as an interior designer, architecture, interior design and modern art influence me to the core.


What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started KIMSU?

Always trust your intuition and your logic. Always listen to advices and other experts in the field, but at the end, take decisions based on your own conclusions.


What advice/warnings would you give to someone looking to start their own brand?

To get ready for a rollercoaster of successes and failures. The first cannot exist without the second, thus it is important to stay focused and never lose confidence and passion.


How would you say the fashion/retail climate has changed since you started KIMSU? Is the change for the better or worse?

Lately we see that sustainability is one of the important topics even in fashion world. I believe that it has been important even before we started our brand but all of our jewellery pieces are ethically hand-crafted, we kind of feel being a part of this awareness and actually it is a good thing.  


What’s the most recent book you read?

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book explains exactly how it should be to live a creative life.


Did it feed into your creative process?

Yes. every step on the way.


Is there a brand out there that you wish you had started?

Acne Studios - I love their style.


If you could live the life of any other designer for a day, who would you choose?

Probably I would say Tom Ford, I want to see a day through his eyes which could be really interesting and inspiring.


What goals do you have as a designer?

Hopefully being able to create new exciting design everytime possible.  


What motivates you?

When I get some great feedbacks from our customers - picture of them wearing our jewelry or thank you messages -  those moments motivate me the most.


What's the best part of your job?

When I have great inspirations so I can design pieces after pieces easily.


What's the worst part of your job?

When it happens contrary - no great inspirations and I don’t like anything that I do… then it becomes painful. And it happens both ways.


What's your life motto?

Sue: "Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” – Buddha.

Roberto: "Never, never, never give up." - Winston Churchill