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Lena Aisha (pictured by Jonathan Daniel Pryce for British Vogue) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London.

"To me there seems to be an ineffable reaction we all have when we encounter things of quality. Whether a minimalist room we enter that has been designed using the principles of hygge or an item of clothing that has been brilliantly crafted by artisan hands, we are inexplicably drawn to things of a certain calibre, and in them we find value. It is this indescribable emotion I wish to evoke through NEO. With the aesthetic I hope to enrich your soul, with the content your mind. For I believe that we should not only exude beauty, but also consume it."

Lena x



Out with the old, in with the NEO.

NEO by Lena is a social arts initiative aiming to re-introduce the concept of quality into everyday life. It began as an online platform that placed global fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands before quality-conscious consumers, providing a carefully curated directory of luxury items. NEO has since expanded beyond its online beginnings, holding its first showroom in August 2017. The Kensington-based “fashion gallery” gave industry insiders and shoppers alike the opportunity to view collections by haute British designers in person, and network with like-minded people that believe in the importance of sustainability, longevity and quality. NEO is quickly establishing itself as one of the premium destinations for luxury products and exciting new artistic ideas. Beneath NEO runs the ethos of class and cultivated taste, its aesthetic founded on the inextricably linked values of good design and timelessness.

Together, we can build a NEO world.